Little update

Recent screen shot of Overcrowd (A Commute ‘Em Up). Need to get a page for these (click read more to see)

Devlog 6 – Menu, Events, Audio and more

In the past few months of radio silence I’m happy to report I’ve made huge progress on Overcrowd. Let’s take a closer look: 1. I’ve been focusing firstly on the menu and starting screen so that there is a consistent frame work for the game to sit in. This has come a long way and […]

Devlog 5

So I’ve made a fair amount of progress in different areas since my last update. In a slog to try and push the game towards a releasable state I decided to tear myself away from tweaking the core game loop and focus on the menu and look and feel. As with a lot of the […]

Devlog 4

A few updates today before I forget. Worst news is the ‘invisible commuter’ bug is still happening. Gonna have to really take this apart and solve this. In other news: -Worked on balancing spawn rate , increases over time. -Worked on balancing vomit and anger rate. Need a better curve – goes from very easy […]

Devlog 3

A week has gone by and still no menu. Gah! The problem is, when I work on Overcrowd, I’m always trying to fix the core game and bugs before adding the ‘window dressing’. This hopefully will stop soon, as I can’t really promote the game or get real feedback until it is easy to access […]

Devlog 2

Yesterday’s changes: -added particle effects when litter is picked up. -fixed particle effects for steward ‘ushering’ action. Here I found that that merge_color command in Gamemaker seems to cause freeze up on html5 outputs, so removed in medic action particles also. -worked on ‘invisible angry commuters’ bug but it’s still not resolved. Possibly going to […]

Devlog 1

So after uploading the¬†glitchy test version of Overcrowd last week, I have been re-inspired to try and make the game more playable and to fix the obvious bugs. An in-game tutorial is my priority. I figure no-one will play the thing without one. I know I wouldn’t bother to read a list of instructions on […]