Devlog 8

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Well it’s been a few months so I figured it’s probably time for an update! What’s been happening? In short – a lot! Essentially I have kind of rewritten the game. Based on some choice feedback both from steam and other play testers – Overcrowd has “crossed the rubicon” and become a full on multi-level-station-building, staff-training, shift-scheduling management sim with a 24hr day/night cycle on the London Underground. This is hopefully a good thing as it seemed what most people – including myself! – wanted – but let me know below.

Here is a by-no-means-exhaustive changelog.

Build notes Prototype 0.22.2 07/03 – Overcrowd_open_24-Default-

-comms leave station if ticket or turnstiles have no power, gain no rep bonus on leave
-fixed refuse litter behaviour and skill tests
-fixed staff drinking at water cooler to reduce thirst
-fixed staff return to task after drinking

-fixed skill test for train to use intelligence check
-thirsty or tired states affect stats – negative buff
-tweaked turn stile nav to reduce pile ups if commutter is pushed through or aside from one while trying to use
-temporariliy suspended phone box as not ready yet
-refined challenge goals
-only 2 staff available for challenge 1
-refined starting space for challenges
-reduced power gen, entrance, stair and billboard cost
-refined turnstile exit behaviour to avoid being pushed through without nav knowing
-f4 forces quit

known issues:

-scrapping turnstiles when they are in use or about ot be uesd may cause a crash
-scrapping staff rooms not correctly implemented, best avoided
-cancelling poewr gen build removes poewr from built live power gens
-demeanor scales happiness opposite way to intended – unhappiness has no stat effect currently but will lead to staff quitting if high eventually

Build notes Prototype 0.22.1 07/03

-When your hire check your staff have the skills for litter and signal box if you employ as steward or refuse, respectively.
-phone boxes are still in testing and incomplete – may cause nav issues – use at own risk
-the training menu is not implemented – place holder – will allow you to unlock more staff skills, gated by attribute.
-do not build infront of control desk or refuse locker as staff spawn there and place free check not yet added.
-can swap staff between job
-some glitches caused by scrapping certain items eg tickets
-fast forward time mode still may cause glitches on item use eg tickets
-only tested on more standard widescreen res – small res, laptop or 4:3 may affect menu display
-later challenges not tested
-water cooler will reduce thirst by 50% not fully implemented – staff do not restart tasks after drinking
-more balancing and pricing needed, and important to use plants to improve reputation.
-staff are only drawn with set sprites currently, so do not look like the employee (ie refuse people are always drawn as the same woman, even if you hired a man)
-alt tab shifts view off screen – press C.
-press H for additional help
-RIGHT CURSOR KEY bumps time forward an hour

-adding scrapping
-added plants – cheer commuter ups for increased rep
-added phone box (no price setting implemented yet)
-added Control room, Refuse room build
-added control desk, refuse locker
-added staff room doors (not on corner tiles yet)
-added bill boards (economy earning per footfall not activated)
-signal boxes
-added amenities in room options – incl. water coolers – only place in rooms

-new icons
-new staff hire and review
-new staff attributes to browse and assign jobs, assign shifts and level up
-new grid based cursor only visible when hover over floorspace
-added flashing signs until player adds directions
-added C to centre view, R for ruler, right click to close menu
-added initial in game tips in console, triggered by buttons or build
-added in game console
-added time dilation
-new start screen
-fps counter (temp)
-ESC to open menu
-added right click to open staff menu

-staff have money and ideal prices in mind for tickets/phone
-added station reputation – lower rep > commuters have less money
-right click ticket grid to see initial price scaling – to be applied across shops, phone etc.

-int skill test to train call
-added steward and refuse
-added staff dxt skills required to litter, call trains
-area of effect for litter, usher radius
-Litter staff need litter picker!
-added thirst and tiredness, grows on shift, reduces off shift
-added litter patrol behaviour
-added return to water cooler when thirsty behaviour
-added d10 skill check for skill usage based on attribute (int for signal, dxt for litter)

-added challenge mode – ability to restrict platforms per challenge and end states for winning
-24hrs clock with day night cycle
-added clouds, stars
-added commuters leave when station close
-doors open at7 am, close 23
-added random tetroid starting shape for station
-platforms numbered by signal boxes, added to sign on options on build
-concentrated staff milling area around initial area of milling

Build notes 22/01 – prototype 0.01
-stairs can only be built next to stairs at same level
-implemented modern looking transparent blue perspex fences, incl. auto corning when places adjacent, and auto joining to walls
-fence sprite mask correct in middle of cell
-Entrances can only be placed on walls using snap to wall function as per tunnel – only NE and NW aspects implemented currently
-Blocks now correct height
-train tunnels
– new opening and closing tunnel assets
– new system for mousing over walls – only shows/allows tunnels to build on walls
– build track and platform extends to opposite faces
– able to place tunnels/tracks on any level
– correctly places train generators and sets train targets in middle of track space

-trains can come in, on any level, tunnels can be set in ground below other levels
-trains animates in through both aspects, become solid objects in iso space and smooth approach stopping targets (these 2 steps very difficult to implement in iso space)
-trains doors open
-trains are multi layered reals spaces in iso space ie the and doors conceal a real interior
-trains spawn commuters inside of self – when doors open commuter can walk out to targets
-trains implement local waypoint system to guide commuters out onto platform before main comm nav system takes over
-train doors can close and train leaves toward track exit
-train animates out through exit correctly
-can call multiple trains in a row – press space to call train currently

-the game now build earth beneath floor to lowest level, giving stations a solid feel and reinforcing 3D space – no longer confusion in      isometric multi layers

-created a whole new UI! – new buttons for most items in GDD now created and art style and layout evolved.
-new buttons for building all current items
-Clean UI, no fading in or out, ‘utility’ style signage, based on transparent background and blue buttons (primary blue colour could be changed to grey, will see..)
-Adaptive system to be used across game
-multi depth UI opens pop ups for building
-created first “OBJECT” type pop up on Right and of screen – for sign post – hover over and right click on signs hanging from ceiling to see this. This will exists for all objects allowing user to tweak thins, as one example of     many – costs for tickets
-implemented power resource and meter. Meter shows output and also minimum level before facilities fail. Meter rises and falls slowly without jumping to show current output.

-Power exists as a resource, all facilities use power at a rate defined per object
-Power generator, has maximim capacity and rate of generation
-Implemented turnstiles in both aspects. Crrect sprite masks,
-turnstiles require minimum power level to functino or sprite mask blocks commuters ie stays closes
-turnstile animates when used ie doors open – if it has enough power
-Implemented ticket machines. – can only be placed on snap to wall function as used with tunnels only NE and NW aspects implemented currently
-ticket machines require min power and screen only lights up when powered.
-ticket machines animate when use if power and also generate money and local money particle above commuter

-Rewrote entire navigation system. Cmmuters have a set of way point priorites that generated based on current goals eg buy ticker if have ticket go to turntile for facilities and shops
-FLOW or “travel” navigation – ie finding a platform has a new system – as planned in tyhe GDD this needed to implemented after testing.
-Hanging signs are generated at stairs. User hovers and right clicks sign and designates where the sign points to ie platform 1, 2 etc or EXIT
-Signs can now dynamically display the colours of the platforms they point to
-NEXT STEP: commuters will follow signs – onus is on the user to set up the system to direct commuters to necessary platforms (platforms are colour coded and numbered – to be added shortly on platform SIGNAL BOX)
-user can then for example flag one set of stair signs to act as exit – therefore only alighting, leaving  commuter will use it.
-user can chain together multiple routes to multiple platforms – up to user how to define commuter flow
-backbone of logic is in place to do this already, complete in a day or so.
-A* pathfinding to be implemented on commuters when the above complete, so they don’t drift into corner – backbone of this is in place this will take a day or so. Commuters will still move in simlar way, but a* will         generate a series temporary nodes to reach choses platform waypoints, maintaining natual ability tot flow around each other but have more intelligence about final destination

Build notes 12/1
-very happy as most of building systems (ie core ability to build blocks, stairs and trains in different directions, with walls) are in place.
-commuters can properly move around all built spaces to designated waypoints.
-implemented tunnel building and train entry/exit systems (multi celled animations were a tough problem to solve in isometry!)
-money implemented as a resource and created costs for building structures
-other little things like a day/night night cycle on the background colour (adds nice atmosphere), re-doing the opening menu screen in the new resolution, and laying the ground work for save states (to be implemented post prototype)

Build notes 22/12
-waypoints are visible as glowing yellow squares. (This is for bug testing – however in full game Flow mode they may have arrows in them you can change to direct flow – see GDD)
-new floor build effects – cool effect with ground sliding up from beneath with aqua bloom/flare on build.
-Can only build on or from existing floor (click, drag, release).
-changed the logic for determining grid positions from when the mouse is mousing over a lower level (complicated problem where it decides what plain you are trying to select)
-fixed commuter elevation on stairs at lower levels
-fixed automatic wall perimeters working across all levels after building floor space
-stairs can now be built inset into a plain of floor or beyond a plain of floor
-floor area automatically generated at base of stair – floor build on correct levels
-orphan walls in middle of floor plain remove self
-walls fade in a glow also
-fixed isometric masking allowing commuters to be on same cells as walls and close to walls with correct depth sorting
-fixed corridors, commuters can move through corridors in single file
-re-added anger and punching moods to commuters (was on hold for testing)
-added more of the commuter points particles and commuter mood alerts in isometric space
-added blood splatter in correct locations, edited to make chunkier and darker, random amount.
-increased zoom in and zoom out speed. Only rescale surface when reached correct zoom level to avoid slow down.



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