Devlog 6 – Menu, Events, Audio and more

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In the past few months of radio silence I’m happy to report I’ve made huge progress on Overcrowd. Let’s take a closer look:

1. I’ve been focusing firstly on the menu and starting screen so that there is a consistent frame work for the game to sit in. This has come a long way and was a proving a serious stumbling block to development – so I’m happy to have tackled it. It’s amazing how much more “gamey” a game feels with a decent functioning menu and highscore system, plus a splash screen and fading between screen.

2. I’ve also reintroduced some background music (I’ve written and produced a few tracks already) and added buttons for turning sound on and off, with music fade. This still needs to be refined but is mostly in working order

3. After that I’ve moved on to extensive bug fixing of the units. Pathfinding and navigation is now more sturdy, though I expect to need to address some bugs in this area.

4. Finally, having done this, I moved onto more fun stuff – adding more core gameplay features, including – RIOTS! (commuters fight each other) GASTRIC FLU! (messy vomiting) and HEATWAVES (commuters passing out).

5. Around that – I’ve been building a sort of ‘AI Director’ which stage manages events during the course of the game. This is similar, but on a smaller scale, to the way say Valve’s Left for Dead managed the pacing of zombie onslaught.

6. Cosmetic updates include more commuter types, and an improved icon system so you can see where your units are.

All in all – lots. The game is starting reach a state where I can start testing some levels, so soon I’ll put an alpha version up and try and get some feedback. To that end I have created a forum – please take a look and register if you want to help!

Alongside this there’s a huge amount of other stuff that needs to happen, eg actually putting some screenies and gameplay footage/trailers up and start marketing etc. That’s all going to come, but the focus is still getting the game as best as possible, so that it looks tippety top and allows me to make some decent vids.





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