Devlog 5

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So I’ve made a fair amount of progress in different areas since my last update. In a slog to try and push the game towards a releasable state I decided to tear myself away from tweaking the core game loop and focus on the menu and look and feel. As with a lot of the art work, my other half has been doing most of the photoshop.

Here’s what’s been happening:

-We’ve come up with a new cleaner logo, palette and font (see site header). Although it’s pretty standard  issue to use a pixel font, it is a pixel art game after all, and as a short hand for ‘hey this is a fun game come and play me!’ it feels ok… Right? Also, with design time at a premium (ie doing it ourselves), we’ve had to keep this as simple as possible whilst still getting something we can use.

-I’m now expanding this look across a new menu and in game HUD.

-Also, I’ve built a new level. We already had the artwork out earlier in the year, but I’ve ‘imported’ this (sliced a hell of a lot of pixel art up) and implemented the navigational frameworks, with correct barriers and tunnels. A big moment, as setting lose the commuters in a new environment starts to properly test the game mechanics. The goal is to have each level (or station) to have a different feel, and different challenges. Actually it works pretty well so far, so I’m fairly encouraged.



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