Devlog 11

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Work continues. The major update of the past few weeks has been a commerce system. You can now build a selection of shops, set prices and order new stock. Commuters spawn with a job that falls under 9 sectors, and this influences what they want to buy and how much they will pay for different items. A coder has a strong desire for coffee, for example. Each commuter now has a name, and you will see little thought bubbles showing what they want to buy or what platform they are walking to. In the future there is the possibilty of expanding commerce to include limited stock space, either with warehouses or paid storage, also potentially having goods that expire. Currently if you overcharge, your commuters will be unhappy and that affects your global station reputation, which knocks on to the rate of commuters who visit your station. Later, low station rep will also change crime levels in your station (with pick pocketers, and vandals who might destroy machinery also planned).

You can also build billboards. Billboards track how many times they  have been seen. When they reach a set level, you receive a pay out from the ad network. The door is also left open here for billboards to influence the buy choice of commuters, so in that way you should be able to influence what people want to a degree, and possibly strategically hike certain prices…

The other big improvement has been in the steward staff type. Stewards can be trained in the “Usher” skill  which unlocks the ability to usher commuters at an increased speed through your station, so increasing the earning potential of your station and providing a boost to reputation. Commuters also have a chance of becoming lost. Training a steward in “Assist” means he will… assist them (!), so that they are no longer lost. We also put in some nice looking boxes of tech for the control room. These allow a steward trained in signal +2 or signal +3 skill to call trains across multiple platforms. In this way you can save on staff, because otherwise you need a steward at each platform to call trains. Latterly we will let this become entirely automated if you unlock/research the right tech in the tech tree, which will be implemented in a few months if all goes to plan.

Rotation of the view has been improved so the camera stays fairly well centered now across all 4 rotations. Lately I have come across a way to hugely optimise the way the “engine” is drawing the tiles, its going to bring a 2 to 3 times speed boost, so I’m pretty happpy about that one. Scrolling has also been made much smoother with acceleration. Cheers for reading folks!

0.54            New Feature    Commuter usher behaviour. Walk faster when ushered. Up to 3 speeds faster depending on skill level of usherer.
0.54            New Feature    Commuters bounce in the air when ushered or assisted.
0.54            New Feature    Added Steward assist Lost commuters skill. If trained in this skmill, if a commuter is lost in their patrol area, steward will move to commuter and assist commuter, retrigger commuter nav process
0.54            New Feature    Added Lost state to commuters. If take too long to reach a waypoint (time defined on spawn about gaussian cureve about global value) commuter enters lost state, where they will not navigate further and will mill in the area.
0.54            New Feature    Steward can be deployed to usher. If has usher skill trained, steward will look at and then usher commuters in radius. Performs Charm skill check to acheive this.
0.54            New Feature    Added signal relay 2 – build in control room and then assign up to 3 platforms on pop up, permanently. 1 steward can then call a train remotely from the control room trains from 3 platforms.
0.54            New Feature    Added signal relay 1 – build in control room and then assign up to 2 platforms on pop up, permanently. 1 steward can then call a train remotly from the control room trains from 2 platforms.
0.54            New Feature    Added steward entire skill tree
0.54            New Feature    Built a fried chicken shop. Rotate on 4 axis. Automatic doors open in proximity to commuters. Shopkeeper will walk to 1 of 4 random work waypoints (frier, fridge etc) when serving customer
0.53            New Feature    View scroll is not only 4 directional now. Scroll direction depends on direction you push cursor out along the axis of edge you have pushed, so much more fluid and natural
0.53            New Feature    Acceleration and deceleration added to mouse view scroll and WASD key panning
0.51            New Feature    Adjust and save local costs for phones and atms in pop ups, save values
0.51            New Feature    Added build newspaper stand. Spawns shopkeeper. Moves around 4 points around newsstand. Commuters can buy from 4 pointso n stand. Adjust local cost of paper. Save stand.
0.51            New Feature    Generate in game message floating above and away from phone box on use saying who commuter is calling whem inside phone box
0.51            New Feature    Added test shadows on display option. Toggles shadows on commuters, vary angle and length. Doubles draw calls from commuters so is for fast GPU only and only for testing.
0.51            New Feature    Expanded Price Anchoring system. Commuters spawn with an “ideal price” for all goods in their minds, which is fixed around a gaussian curve set around a predefined anchor which is the same for all. Changin the cost of goods will affect if the commuter is happy or unhappy when they buy it depending on if it is above or below this. Currently quite basic, will be refined and then incorporated into buy decision for commuters.
0.51            New Feature    Build atms. Vary Withdrawal fee using the right click menu. Save atms. Commuters spoawn with a random need to use machine. Use increases cash in commuters wallet.
0.51            New Feature    Commuters have basic needs at spawn which govern if they want to buy an item at kiosks: salt (crisps), sugar(sweets), information(magazine), nicotine(e-cigs), thirst(drink)
0.51            New Feature    Kiosks can be saved
0.51            New Feature    Kiosks have shop keepers. Shop keepers who move back and forth to shelves when commuters buy items
0.5            New Feature    Build kiosks. Rotate kiosks. Has correct depth sorting so shop keeper can be in inside the kiosk.
0.5            New Feature    Used a new bypass shader to increase performance.
0.46            New Feature    Build phone boxes. Rotate them. Commuters will choose to use and enter phone boxes, Doors open and close as entered/exited, with commuters inside with correct depth sorting. Right click for phone box information and to change cost of phone calls
0.46            New Feature    Adverts are seen by commuters within radius and register a view. If advert is viewed specified amount (100) then ad network pays out value for ad (ie more people see your adverts, the more you earn). Created logic ofr this and view no. view in pop up per ad. Commuters can only see a specific ad once for it to count per location.
0.46            New Feature    Build food, coffee and bank adverts, place on walls
0.46            New Feature    Existing solids such as stairs or power gens are also not set to threatened (red) when you drag over them to build new floor space around them.
0.46            New Feature    Building new floor space is not cancelled when area drags over existing solid.
0.46            New Feature    Moved transparency for south facing wall toggle to display options
0.46            New Feature    5% of floor tiles now have an imperfection to add variety, as based on Nick’s art feedback
0.46            New Feature    testing new exterior wall, does not overlap so that transparency can be used (not, known issue when next to stiars, it appears hollow, to be fixed). Aim is to different between exterior and interior walls when viewing over multiple levels
0.46            New Feature    pillars now created at interior facing corners so no longer an odd corner gap
0.45            New Feature    Improved audio when building or sculpting floor
0.45            New Feature    If you build a staff room ontop of a commuter, they are displaced outside the room. If the room is very large and cannot find free space, commuter is destroyed
0.45            New Feature    If you build an object ontop of a commuter, commuters are pushed to nearest free space concourse. Same applies to mice and units. Uses adpated scr free place also used for deploying units
0.45            New Feature    objects do not become solid until clicked to build – hovering object over commuters will now not affect them.
0.45            New Feature    Added to gameplay menu option to tweak rodent refractory period. This is time needed after mating before rats can breed again, can be used to help tweak ideal rat population rates alongside spawn                     threshold and check rate
0.45            New Feature    Permabuild added to new floor – you can build floor repeatadly without needing to reselect build floor to build more floor, you have to cancel build floor mode to end the mode with Q
0.45            New Feature    Garbage compactors can be scheduled to empty daily or emergency pick up called like wheelie bins
0.45            New Feature    Saves and loads commuters! Including if going through turnstiles, on stairs, waiting at platforms or navigating to stairs.
0.42            New Feature    cursor not locked in window by default on start game but is locked in game play window by default
0.42            New Feature    Added alert text that floats up from head on refuse action: equipping and de-equipping tools, emptying and loading bins
0.42            New Feature    Icon shows bin wheelie emptying.
0.42            New Feature    Schedule emptying of wheelie bins or trigger emergency pick up through wheelie menu
0.42            New Feature    Plant radius for cheering up reduced (still scaled to health of plant)
0.42            New Feature    cursor is not locked to window on start up by default as inconvenient
0.42            New Feature    added start.dat which on game start loads last music and display options set in lobby menu
0.42            New Feature    Save rodents
0.42            New Feature    Room doors are not perma build – revised this – room doors are permabuild!
0.42            New Feature    Signal boxes are not perma build
0.42            New Feature    New toggle console option
0.42            New Feature    New display option to toggle rotation effects
0.42            New Feature    toggle blur effect applied when rotaing view. Effect is a horizontal blur making screen blur out to both sides, view rotates and maximum blur, then reduces with new P.O.V
0.42            New Feature    Toggle a 3d cube to be drawn in centre of scren when you rotate camera to help understand which way it rotates
0.42            New Feature    Rodents seek other rodents after 60 secs and will breed to spawn new rodent if they reach each other. Produces little love heart particles.
0.42            New Feature    Rodents avoid staff
0.42            New Feature    Refuse skill tree now has minimum atrributes required to train a staff in a skill
0.42            New Feature    saves and loads all gameplay and control options and resolution of the current session
0.42            New Feature    created scr to restore staff activity after either loading or clocking on     needs to be expanded to work for all possible tasks, currently restriced to litter picker, ie not all yet litter                     skills
0.42            New Feature    added toggle for making southern walls transparent or for making all walls invisible – does not affect special walls such as ticket machines, tunnels or entrances
0.42            New Feature    Plants and stairs do not move masks to build location until build/left click therefore do not affect commuter paths before click
0.42            New Feature    Improved load screen to not repeat
0.42            New Feature    Preliminary code for saving commuters which works but they do not remember where they have been on restoration    needs work or decisin on whether checkpoint saving or saving anytime
0.42            New Feature    Save newspaper and spillages

0.54            Bug fix    Only refuse staff show alerts about full bins/wheeles
0.54            Bug fix    blood and vomit depth correctly sorted
0.54            Bug fix    Rotate view now better guesses and remains centred over same area if centre of screen is actually not a floor cell. Much better positioning does not throw off view and also consistent when rotating back                 and forth, does not deviate as much
0.54            Bug fix    can build rooms over corner pillars now
0.54            Bug fix    fixed room building cancel with Q does not leave the room floor in place
Pillars prevent sroom build if on same cell as room proposed to be builton on
0.51            Bug fix    Phon boxes will close door and enter neutral state if a commuter fails to use it after targetting for whatever reason (eg too costly, is punched and knocked out on route)
0.51            Bug fix    ATMs only play one animation/generate one notification per use
0.51            Bug fix    Displacement script is called on build by all wall objects and train track mask so commuters are automatically pushed out of solid walls or if they get stuck on the edge of track when the train leaves
0.5            Bug fix    Changed commuter displacement so that it doesnt happen to everycommuter every time the solid grid changes (ie when a turnstile opens or closes, it was forcing all comms to displace which meant sometimes                 commuters very close together or using a phone would displace when they didnt need to). Now displace script only run by the object, detecting what it is in contact with and only displacing that. Also saves                 cpu.
0.5            Bug fix    Moved all floor draw events together in one object, one scriupt for later optimisation and possible performance increase
0.5            Bug fix    removed legacy textures freeing up memory
0.5            Bug fix    refuse must be on same level as refuse guy to be targetted
0.5            Bug fix    Fixed bug where refuse guy would crash when going to water a plant
0.46            Bug fix    enabled sculpting on cells with a corner pillar on
0.46            Bug fix    FIxed glitch for wheelie bins in corner of room
0.46            Bug fix    NAV: commuters were resololving exits at top of stairs so would go down nearest exit in error to leave station
0.46            Bug fix    FIxed issue when destroying walls that billbaords, by extending the floor away and removing wall, erronesously left wall id in grid for location leading to crash if you tried to build there again
0.46            Bug fix    fixed issue with destroying walls that have plants next to them, would cause a bug if you extended floor away, deleting the wall because it was not at an edge, but erroneously remove plat id from solice grid.
0.46            Bug fix    Fixed longstading bug where cancelling an entrance could affect nearest object to it when it is cancelled
0.46            Bug fix    Fixed depth of refuse room objects in new depth system
0.46            Bug fix    Building floors and sculpting floors – cursor to grid scr improved – will not erroneosly resolve to a lower level that may lie behind intended selected cell in same line from camera to cell, which was                 throwing off building new floor in some cases making odd results on occasions
0.46            Bug fix    Improved single cell corridor drawing of dead ends. Dead ends now draw correclt all rotations but the cell itself is impassible
0.46            Bug fix    Plants do not become dehydrated when game paused
0.46            Bug fix    fixed rare bug where commuters would trigger mood 10 and dematerialise with mood100 when boarding a train before the train target has inherited traingen id to infoirm off increased boarding index
0.45            Bug fix    Stairs cannot be built parallel with stairs that do not have the same height of stairs at each cell beacuse that is not generally phsyically possible/desirable
0.45            Bug fix    Loading commuters correctly spawn overhead icons for behaviour states ie rage, sickness K.O
0.45            Bug fix    Rolled out find free space to spawn unit and clock off, so finds nearest place to work desk. If cannot find a free spoace in room, goes to nearest space on concourse. If cannot find close enough space,                 will walk to station entrance arch instead
0.45            Bug fix    Rolled out revised scr find free space across all unit tasks and when loading game so find free space for task on load
0.45            Bug fix    power levels do not increase in hud when paused. If time is sped up, power levels increase faster in proprtion to time speed.
0.45            Bug fix    fixed scrapping ticket machines, all cells highlight and unhighlight red on hover and destroys all machine on click and rebuilds floor, rmoves waypoints and waypoitns from global list
0.45            Bug fix    fixed scrapping entrances. Whole arch highlights red when hover on any cell, and stops being red if move cursor off. deletes whole arch on click and rebuild floor, also removes comm generator and exit                 waypoint and removes exit waypoint from global list
0.42            Bug fix    If staff are selected to move, if they clock off, correctly deselects them and doesnt cause bug leaving a selection cursor up
0.42            Bug fix    Staff with no task do not try to walk to 0,0 on load now (ie x,y of task array 22,23)
Bug fix    Fences do not auto rotate next to fences that are joined to walls
0.42            Bug fix    fixed memory leak whereby dynamic grids and lists were not being destroyed at room end of openplay room
0.42            Bug fix    fixed bug where refuse staff with only skill for mopping blood and not vomit would not mop up blood
0.42            Bug fix    fixed issue where units were not correctly moving to target for a new task because foundpath flag was not being reset after completting action such as emptying a councourse bin into a wheelie bin
0.42            Bug fix    Saves plant lifeforce/aka thirst
0.42            Bug fix    camera rotates about point much better now
0.42            Bug fix    Saving staff while paused, when you reload unpausing does not restart movement of staff or causes other errors
0.42            Bug fix    Turning sound off was preventing rats identiying food to nibble
0.42            Bug fix    NAV: commuters plot path to nearest nav waypoints now, instead of a random choice if multiple ones, on both descent and ascent. Commuters use a UpBlock navigatoio for all stair ways now. Upblocks now                 created on every in middle cell. This meams a commuter cannot plot a path to a nav 3 past a stairway, it prevents commuters at top level deciding to use the top of a staircase on another map section that                 might have required walking downstairs and then upstairs to the top of the stair to go down it.
0.42            Bug fix    Unit mask reduced so that units can find a place in narrow 1 unit corridors, so can reach litter in corridors, and can resolve a free space to stand at in corners if dragged to solid object next to a                 corner
0.42            Bug fix    fixed scr find free space near a point, used when deploying units if you release onto a solid object or in space, and to be used when spawning units on a locker or when directing units to equipment racks.                 Will produce an message ‘I cannot walk there’ if you drag a unit out into space or if it is too surrounded by other objects. WIll also be used to displace commuters to nearest solid space when building a                 solid object ontop of them. ALso has ability to ensure found space is in a specified room type, or in concourse only, or in concourse and all rooms
0.42            Bug fix    Caught and fixed error in mask creation on corridor objects walls that have a single width, causing issue with people walking off floor space if in a single corridor
0.42            Bug fix    Top of stairs was resetting incorect cell on build

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