Dev Log 9

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I promised in the reddit group I would give an update this week, so here’s a low down. Basically, Overcrowd development is full steam ahead. I haven’t been posting so much media or blogs the past 3 months because I’ve been really focused on updating the core engine.

There’s been plenty of progress on the game. I plan on making a vid to show all this, but in the interim, here’s a changelog of everything I have been doing. The key thing really is that you can now rotate the isometric view, meaning you can view from any of 4 angles, therefore see behind staircases, and  make much more complex structures for your station. A fair few other tweaks. You can build the medbay and hire medics. I’ve also been playing with creating rock formations in the play area to add some restrictions to where you can build. I’ve also re-added some of the commuter behaviour you can see in the old trailer – blood, punching, KO’s and vomit. So much vomit.


-show key skills on medic/moppers
-level up works on staff if staff selected via menu or right click
-can select ushering steward
-reduced commuters getting stuck on train doors
-stair masks edge much thineer allows 2 ppl
-footbridge mask much thinner to allow more ppl
-stair masks work all rotations, will merge to allow stairs 2 wide
-train fill rate modulates by rep
-commuters slower on  stairs
-build particles on object build
-new build effect on power generators – power gen rises out of floor (to be rolled out across all objects)
-new earth and floor tiles
-4 floor types, one type per floor level
-new earth asset
-floor draw improved (only 1 draw call, previously up t0 3, with every object for looping up to 3 times – was very inefficient)
-multiple objects and floors only compute iso render on view change, not every step (far more efficient)
-wall merging improved, now  does not do every step only after build
-scrap floor particles
-added arrows to turnstrile exists and train exits
-arrows on door exits from train
-politeness update – commuters will not board a train until all commuters have alighted
-new water cooler animation (WARNING: water coolers do not rotate yet)
-commuters leave station in anger if they attempt to use a ticket machine and it has no power
-turnstiles default to open state if no power
-mill blocker adedd to turnstile.COmmuters will not attempt to mill to the other side of a turnstile
-or footbridge
-inital thermal imaging mode created (PRESS I to activate thermal imaging -heat spots rasing by commuters)
-new wall asset has better shading and is slightly thicker
-new entrance asset (shutters not updated to work on rotation, cosmetic)
-mill logic updated, path must exist to mill location, on same floor, if not found remain still
-new turnstile assets, depth layers work correctly on all rotations, screen flahses when used, better way point placing

-changed game tick rate to 30 fps, updating object motion params to match

-ability to rotate map – PRESS DEL or PG DOWN to rotate the map clockwise/anticlockwise
-ability to rotate stairs on all 4 axis, new assets
-ability to rotate walls
-ability to rotate room walls
-ability to build floor in any rotation
-changed height between levels so that floor grid from different floors meshed exactly creating escherian confusion, including new stair asset
-new floor creation. Floor tiles move smoothly and decelarte towards target height, replaces clunky animation
-updated cursor to grid function – now far more efficient, does not require every floor cell to collision detect every step! Now works with rotation
-ability to build wall housed objects on all faces – tickets, entrances, incl new assets
-ability to place a train tunnel on any face, create track denoting a train in opposite direction with arrows visible on track before build
-ability to place signal box on new tunnels on any face
-trains can now enter and exit from any direction
-trains spawn commuters taking account of axis correctly
-rotation takes account of train entering from any direction
-turnstiles can be properly rotated – incl.rotating waypoints (note second 2 rotations restricted as bugs on waypoints when flipped )
-created rock formations – random creation of rock formations near spawn – rocks to have variable height
-floor has a chance to spawn at differnt heights in blocks
-floor builds exterior walls around rocks
-tweaks to naviagtion – reduced timeout value so commuters dont stop going to a distant way point. Navigation still flawed if a commuter is pushed thru a turnstile or off a turnstile they have started to use, stuck on wrong side
-phone boxes can be navigated to and used if built – phone box not displaying on all rotation or animating, just a navigation test to generate new priority then continue


-downscale shader added (much more zoom out)
-some improvements to performance with drawing floor
-altered scrap particles
-fixed some turnstile scrapping issues
-arrows for turnstile
-arrows for exit train points
-arrows on stairs
-stairs can only be set one direction (up or down)
-turnstiles can only be set to be one way (known issue if you set to exit then platform or vice versa may erroneously leave both set)
-new turnstile setting, blue button lets you flip the direction of a turnstile to run S to N as well as N to S. This has to be correct for commuters to navigate
-politeness update – commuters only board when train is empty
-significant update to milling behaviour – commuters aim to only mill to reachable, empty cells. If boarding, on same floor as platform. They do not mill over footbridges so stay on correct platform.
-water cooler animates on use (only for one aspect when facing SW). water levels lower on use.
-footbridges – commuter can cross tracks now. note do not build on areas where commuters alight (ie with train exit arrows) or they cannot get out. Better to place near end of track or start.
-medic rooms
-medic workstations (note – new graphic with xray and doctors microspcope only works when building desk facing NE)
-hire and assign medic, will heal if in range
-added vomit and anger (ie punching)
-added mopping unit ability for staff in refuse room. Will mop vomit



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