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Devlog 14

Of Early Access, Autumn and A.I The bracing air, the pollution-tinged fog and the crinchy-crunching of leaves underfoot tell but me one thing: Summer is over. That and the fact I am no longer sitting here in my pants sweating profusely (seriously, the heatwave in London this summer was intense). Anyway, you didn’t come here […]

Devlog 11

Work continues. The major update of the past few weeks has been a commerce system. You can now build a selection of shops, set prices and order new stock. Commuters spawn with a job that falls under 9 sectors, and this influences what they want to buy and how much they will pay for different […]

Dev Log 9

I promised in the reddit group I would give an update this week, so here’s a low down. Basically, Overcrowd development is full steam ahead. I haven’t been posting so much media or blogs the past 3 months because I’ve been really focused on updating the core engine. There’s been plenty of progress on the […]

Devlog 8

Well it’s been a few months so I figured it’s probably time for an update! What’s been happening? In short – a lot! Essentially I have kind of rewritten the game. Based on some choice feedback both from steam and other play testers – Overcrowd has “crossed the rubicon” and become a full on multi-level-station-building, […]

Greenlight Post-Mortem

After a frenzy of emailing, tweeting and generally begging everyone I could think of for PR coverage, Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up has passed through Stream Greenlight. Overall, it took 7 days which I understand is quite a good thing, though not as amazing as it may once have been considered. Overcrowd garnered a pretty […]

Devlog 7

It’s been a 3 year long journey that has got me here. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Laughter. Pain. Horror. More Pain. Additional Sweat. Yes, all of these I have experienced in the course of developing Overcrowd: A Commuter ‘Em Up. But now it’s reached the point that I’m happy to start showing what I’ve got, and […]

Devlog 5

So I’ve made a fair amount of progress in different areas since my last update. In a slog to try and push the game towards a releasable state I decided to tear myself away from tweaking the core game loop and focus on the menu and look and feel. As with a lot of the […]

Devlog 4

A few updates today before I forget. Worst news is the ‘invisible commuter’ bug is still happening. Gonna have to really take this apart and solve this. In other news: -Worked on balancing spawn rate , increases over time. -Worked on balancing vomit and anger rate. Need a better curve – goes from very easy […]

Devlog 3

A week has gone by and still no menu. Gah! The problem is, when I work on Overcrowd, I’m always trying to fix the core game and bugs before adding the ‘window dressing’. This hopefully will stop soon, as I can’t really promote the game or get real feedback until it is easy to access […]

Devlog 2

Yesterday’s changes: -added particle effects when litter is picked up. -fixed particle effects for steward ‘ushering’ action. Here I found that that merge_color command in Gamemaker seems to cause freeze up on html5 outputs, so removed in medic action particles also. -worked on ‘invisible angry commuters’ bug but it’s still not resolved. Possibly going to […]