Devlog 14

Of Early Access, Autumn and A.I The bracing air, the pollution-tinged fog and the crinchy-crunching of leaves underfoot tell but me one thing: Summer is over. That and the fact I am no longer sitting here in my pants sweating profusely (seriously, the heatwave in London this summer was intense). Anyway, you didn’t come here […]

Devlog 13

As ever, I have been working hard on Overcrowd since the last blog and in that time have made lots of incremental progress, plus some key feature additions that are really bringing the game together. Here’s a broad overview starting from low level more system stuff going up to larger gameplay design. You can now […]

Devlog 12

Hi there! I’m looking at the blog and I can hardly believe that it’s been so long since the last update. I can only apologise for such a long radio silence and if you reading this – thanks for staying interested in Overcrowd! It’s fair to say this project has taken so much more time […]

Devlog 11

Work continues. The major update of the past few weeks has been a commerce system. You can now build a selection of shops, set prices and order new stock. Commuters spawn with a job that falls under 9 sectors, and this influences what they want to buy and how much they will pay for different […]

Devlog 10

So we’ve been working hard on Overcrowd since the last update. I’ve been focusing mainly on system things, things such as the ability to actually save the station you have built, as well as run the game in different windows and resolutions. I’ve also added a random terrain generator so that when you start up […]

Dev Log 9

I promised in the reddit group I would give an update this week, so here’s a low down. Basically, Overcrowd development is full steam ahead. I haven’t been posting so much media or blogs the past 3 months because I’ve been really focused on updating the core engine. There’s been plenty of progress on the […]

Devlog 8

Well it’s been a few months so I figured it’s probably time for an update! What’s been happening? In short – a lot! Essentially I have kind of rewritten the game. Based on some choice feedback both from steam and other play testers – Overcrowd has “crossed the rubicon” and become a full on multi-level-station-building, […]

Greenlight Post-Mortem

After a frenzy of emailing, tweeting and generally begging everyone I could think of for PR coverage, Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up has passed through Stream Greenlight. Overall, it took 7 days which I understand is quite a good thing, though not as amazing as it may once have been considered. Overcrowd garnered a pretty […]

Devlog 7

It’s been a 3 year long journey that has got me here. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Laughter. Pain. Horror. More Pain. Additional Sweat. Yes, all of these I have experienced in the course of developing Overcrowd: A Commuter ‘Em Up. But now it’s reached the point that I’m happy to start showing what I’ve got, and […]

Wordy Noun: The name of the game

Lets start with the obvious: Flappy Bird. Then there’s Crossy Road. Before that we had Candy Crush and, the originator, Angry Bird. Notice a pattern? Of course you do. It seems every mobile smash has to have a title that is precisely three syllables long, and preferably with the form word + ‘ y ‘ + noun.